Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goddess Saraswati Mata

Goddess Saraswati is a Hindu goddess of learning. Saraswati Mata possesses all the learning’s of the Vedas, scriptures, dancing, musical power and poetry. She revealed language and writing to man. Goddess Saraswati represents the union of power and intelligence from which organized creation arises. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of arts, music, knowledge, and wisdom. Goddess Saraswati is considered as the divine husband of Lord Brahma, the maker of the universe.

Goddess Saraswati is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with yellow skin dressed in a pure white saree. Goddess Saraswati is portrayed sitting on a white lotus with veena in her hands. The book in her hand signifies the eternal and universal knowledge as well her perfection of the scriptures. Lotus symbolizes the supreme reality and it suggests that the goddess herself is rooted in the supreme reality.

Goddess Saraswati mata Photo

Saraswati Maa Image

Maa Saraswati Wallpaper

Marble Saraswati Mata Statue

Picture Of Maa Saraswati

Saraswati whitefield Statue

Photo of Maa Saraswati

Image of Mata Saraswati

Maa Saraswati Bronze Statue

Image of Maa Saraswati

Maa Saraswati Statue

Maa Saraswati picture

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  1. I m in Bangalore. Here, there is no such puja. I have seen maa Sarsawati in the internet.