Friday, May 7, 2010

Goddess Kalratri Devi - Seventh Mata

The Seventh form of Goddess Durga is popularly known as 'Goddess Kalratri'. As the name suggests, Kalrati is as black as a dark night. With bountiful unlocked hair, Kalratri wears necklaces that shine like lightening. She is personified as the deity of power, with large eyes and fire that is breathed by her. Kalratri is also referred to as Shubhamkari, as she makes her devotees fearless. She has four hands, with a sharp sword in her left hand and a burning torch in her lower left hand, her lower and upper right hand that shows blessings.

Goddess Kalratri Devi

Photo of Kalratri Mata

Kalratri Mata Image

Kalratri Mata Painting

Picture of Kalratri Devi

Kalratri Mata Wallpaper

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  1. Can you give us information about temples of KALRATRI