Friday, May 14, 2010

Goddess Meera Bai

Meera Bai was born in the year 1498 at Merta in Nagaur District of Rajasthan. Meera Bai was a princess of some province in Rajasthan ( Mewar ), and when she was a kid , on, seeing one of her closed one getting married, she pesterd her Mom to get her married too . And finding her not being bobbed down on being told that she can't marry now , her mother gave her an idol of Lord Krishna and told her that this is your husband and you can get married to him now. And after that she devoted her whole life to Lord Krishna.

She was married at a young age to a boy from Bhojraj. “In the Bhojraj there is Baala Krishna. It seems none can escape His maaya. All the vanitas forget everything and completely come under His control it seems. They leave their families too. Please be careful my dear this is what everybody kept on warning Meera Bai before she left for Bhojraj.

Finally the moment when she had to leave for Bhojraj came. She was taken to Bhojraj in a beautiful pallaqi. On the way to Vrajam there was severe very heavy rain with thunders. The severity increased and there were huge boulders falling. The people carrying the pallaqi left it and ran for their lifes. Not knowing what happened Meera Bai opened the pallaqi window and saw this paramaadbhuta drushyam: And finally seeing her undivided devotion, her mother in law gave her poison and she readily drank it and died.

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