Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goddess Radha Rani

Goddess Radharani is the Supreme Goddess. Sri Radha, also known as Vrishbhanu Nandini, was born to Sri Vrishbhanuji and Mata Kirti in the land of Barsana. The divine Goddess blessed this Earth by Her birth on the nuptial day of Ashtami of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksh. Sri Radha Rani marks the existence of Sri Krishna, for she is his soul. She is most always seen with Lord Krishna. It is described that She is the Chief Associate and devotee of Lord Krishna, and topmost of all Goddesses. Her name means the She is the most excellent worshiper of Lord Krishna. However, she is also an expansion of the Lord's energy.

Since she is also an extension of Krishna, She is the feminine aspect of God. Thus, in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, God is both male and female. They are one, but Krishna expands into two, Himself and Radharani, for the sake of divine loving pastimes. If they remained as one, then there is no relationship, there are no pastimes, and there can be no dynamic exchange of love.

Photo of Radha Rani

Goddess Radharani Photo

Radha & Krishna Image

Wallpaper of Radharani

Radha Krishna & Gopiya Picture

Closeup Photo of Radharani

Bal Actress Radha Rani

Picture of Radharani

Krishn and Radha Image

Photo of Radha rani

Actress Radha And Actor Krishn Photo

Radharani Picture

Image of Actress Radha Rani

Mata Radha Rani

Shree Krishna Love Radha rani

Krishn Priya Of Radha Rani

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