Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goddess Teej Mata

Teej Mata Means honors of Goddess Parvati - symbol of utter devotion and love. Hence Teej is also called Teej Mata Festival. Both married and unmarried Hindu women observe the three-day-long festival seeking blissful married life and happiness for their husband. Teej festivities and its celebrations are dedicated to Goddess Parvati this is why it's purely a festival of womenfolk.

Teej festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by the Indian women. Since Teej is usually celebrated in the month of July-August. Festival of Teej is dedicated to the divine Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Though Teej is celebrated at various places in Indian and abroad, major Teej celebrations takes place in the highly cultural city of Jaipur.

Teej has many significant roles to play in one's life. Women observing Nirajara Vrat on Teej are said to be blessed with long and healthy life of their husband by Teej Mata Parvati. Various other customs and rituals of Teej make the festival more important. Teej gives a chance to women to express their love and devotion for their husband who in return present beautiful gifts to their wife as a token of love. Here day-long processions and celebrations create a vivid atmosphere.

Three types of Teej Festival

Hariyali Teej:- Hariyali Teej falls in the Shukla Paksha of Shravana. On this day, women worship moon with milk, curd and flowers.

Kajari Teej:- It falls on Krishna Paksh Tritiiya. On this day, women sing and dance and perform sacred pooja of neem.

Hartalika Teej:- Hartalika Teej, women keep 'Nirjala Vrat' for well - being of her husband.

Teej festival is an important festival. Two very vital factors govern its celebration. One is that it is a monsoon festival and the other relates to the most popular legend of Shiva-Parvati.

Goddess Teej Mata Idol

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Teej Festival Celebrated Women

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