Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goddess Skanda Devi - Fifth Mata

Goddess Skanda Mata is a fifth aspect of the Maa Durga. The daughter of Himalaya, after observing penance got married with Shiva. Lord kartike is also known as Skanda. As Maa Durga is his mother, she is referred to as Skanda Mata. She is accompanied by the Lord Skanda in his infant form. Skanda Mata has four arms and three eyes, holds the infant Skanda in her right upper arm and a lotus in her right hand which is slightly raised upwards. The left arm is in pose to grant boons with grace and in left lower hand which is raised also holds a lotus. She has a bright complexion and often depicted as seated on a lotus.

Goddess Skanda Mata Photo

Maa Skanda Devi Image

Picture of Skanda Mata

Skanda Mata Wallpepar

Photo of Skanda Devi

Image of Skanda Mata

Skanda Mata Photo

Goddess Skanda Devi

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