Friday, April 23, 2010

Goddess Kushmanda Devi - fourth Mata

Tha Goddess Kushmanda is a fourth form of Maa Durga. Mother Goddess Kushmanda has a glowing face and her body shines in golden complexion. She likes the offerings of ‘Kumhde’. Therefore her name Kushmanda. Vehicle of Goddess Kushmanda is a lion. Kushmanda has eight arms, hence also named as Ashtabhuji. In her four arms, she carries weapons like bow, arrow, discus and mace. In other three hands, she holds a lotus, a rosary and a kamandal. In remaining hand, she carries a jar of nectar which gives health and long life to her devotees.

Mata Kushmanda is the fourth aspect among Navadurga, nine Goddesses worshipped during Durga Navratra. Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth day of Navaratri pooja. . Goddess Kushmanda created the Universe with the cosmic egg when even the time was not there.

Goddess Kushmanda Devi

Mata Kushmanda Devi Photo

Maa Kushmanda Picture

Image of Kushmanda Devi

Kushmanda Statue

Wallpepar of Kushmanda Mata

Photo of Kushmanda Devi

Kushmanda Devi Wallpaper

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