Friday, October 8, 2010

Goddess Ambaji Mata

Ambaji temple is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas so shakti worship is celebrated in the form of Ambaji Mata (Mother) in India and it is said that the people of Gujarat take the name of “Maa Ambe” in high regard and with pride.

Since the period of pre-Vedic, this main shrine of deity has been worshipped. The goddess is also known as “Arasuri Amba” as it is situated on the Arasur hill, near the source of the “Saraswati River”, in the Aravalli mountain Range in the small town of Ambaji (named after the famous temple). The temple is near Gujarat (Palanpur) and Rajasthan (Mount Abu) borders.

The deity is a reflection of Shiva's associate, Parvati. Ambe Mata is the Adya Shakti- the original and primordial female power, the Goddess Mother.

Above the small temple, there is a red flag which heartily welcomes the silent wind. The original temple was built by Nagar Brahmins with gold cones and white marbles and the doors of the inner sanctum of the temple were silver-plated. The amazing fact about the main gate is that entrance door is in front and small because it is said that Maa Amba has banned for the other door. The temple surroundings an open square where ceremonial havans are performed called “chachar-chowk”.

In the festival of Navratri, a big celebration is organized every year in large scale at Ambaji Temple. During the Navratri festival, a big fair is organized and people enjoy the festival with lots of joy and happiness. In the praise of the goddess, they sing and dance with gracefully.

Goddess Amba Mata Image

Ambaji Temple in Gujrat

Amba Mata Photo

Ambaji Temple Idol Photo

Ambaji Maa Picture

Ambaji Temple Image

Old Ambaji Temple Mata Photo

Amba ji Durga Maa Murti

Amba Maa Statue Wallpaper

Ambaji Temple Marble

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